City Spotlight: Woonsocket

Woonsocket, RI is located in the northeastern part of the state and started as a farming community during the 1800s. It grew to be one of the largest textile manufacturing centers in the United States powered by the Blackstone River. It has a large French Canadian population and the city has museums, parks, restaurants, theaters, antiques, breweries, and shopping centers. You will find this an exciting vacations stop for a day trip or a longer weekend stay.

The Museum of Work and Culture located in French Market Square lets you explore the history of the French Canadian population. On the tour, you will visit a rural farmhouse and see the shop floor of a textile mill. The museum has a classroom, union hall, interactive displays, and many photos. It is run by the Rhode Island Historical Society. It is located at 42 South Main Street.

Take a riverboat tour with Explorer River Tours in the warmer weather. You will leave from Cold Spring Park 101 Katherine Road dock. This 40 passenger boat will provide you with a 40-minute river tour of Woonsocket. Our tours are great for adults and children who are provided with binoculars and nature guides.

You can buy tickets for a show in the evening at the Stadium Theater at 28 Monument Square  This local theater was restored in 2001. There you will find a variety of shows murder mysteries, musical group performances, Broadway shows, and dance and theater classes for local residents.

Diamond Hill Plaza on Diamond Hill Road has 18 stores for shoppers. You will find clothing, restaurants, nail, and hair salons. Timeless Antiques and Collectibles located on 91 Main Street sell toys, furniture, paper, jewelry, glass items, and pottery. Woonsocket has a variety of restaurants with food to meet all your tastes.

When you want some outdoor activity visit the World War II Veterans Park on Veterans Way with walking paths, picnic tables, basketball courts, restrooms, and a splash park in the warmer weather. These are some of the many tourism attractions available for you to see in Woonsocket, RI.